In recent months numerous sites have required more in-depth cleaning due to outbreaks within their site. Deep cleaning is of course an essential part of preventing the spread of this virus but we have also explored more thorough and effective ways of sanitising spaces.

Through our research we believe fogging is a much faster and effective way of sanitising an office in response to a Covid case, or as an additional preventive measure to reduce germs. This system reduces the number of infectious pathogens by dispersing ultra-small droplets of Eco-Friendly Antiviral Disinfectant Solution into the area. These droplets then float in the surrounding air for around 10-20 minutes, for a simple, fast and super effective sanitation. The anti-viral product chosen is scientifically proven to be effective at eradicating COVID-19. The solution can be used on all surfaces, including electric equipment and staff can return back into the area after 30 minutes.

If you would like a quotation please let us know, fogging can be completed on a regular weekly or monthly basis as a preventative measure or in response to a positive Covid-19 result.

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